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Leaders Are Your People Paying the Personal Price of Working For You

Expert Author Alexandria Joy

I believe the fish rots from the top .

I believe profit is hoarding.

I believe people join a corporation and leave because they do not feel valued and seen as a singular human.

I believe culture change must start at the highest .

Spend time in any workplace like I do as a corporation culture architect and you begin to ascertain some patterns emerging. Patterns like hidden codes, unspoken ground rules and culture drags. These patterns though they'll seem small in isolation create a cultural legacy that overtime can see the downturn of departments and whole companies. Ignore them and perish!

I get it. As a pacesetter , manager, supervisor or HR specialist your job is to make a high performance culture that's also an excellent place to figure .

You've done all the worker engagement surveys, had tool box talks, sent people off to training and retreats, hired coaches, deployed team software and given bonuses and rewards, yet your culture still ain't so hot. What's with that?

What if I told you that the hidden codes, unspoken ground rules and culture drags unless addressed would kill your chances of ever building a rocker culture? It's true. The drainers like politics and backstabbing, drama addiction, staff turnover, and lack of procedures all have an equivalent source - and that i hate to interrupt it to you. It's likely to be you!

You see you cannot really change your workplace culture and build a high performance team until you modify the main target from being on making the owner and therefore the company richer to creating the lives of your people enriched.

If this is often not your current routine then I can guarantee you - either now or later your humans are going to be paying a really personal price. Their disengagement, presenteeism, late for work, late for meetings, lack of accountability behaviour is psychosomatic. there is a bigger issue happening here.

To change your culture, and alter it permanently , you because the CEO, owner, manager or leader must be willing to be vulnerable, to possess raw and real conversations and to urge help from the surface .

Ultimately you've got to #startwithU.

With your open mind, generous heart and help from others you'll make people management a driver of growth rather than an obstacle.

In my experience and altogether the culture change, brand improvement and leadership development programs I even have seen that without full buy-in from the highest (and I mean all players and yes meaning you too CEO) then all attempts to vary are going to be hampered, held back and hindered. The culture and tone is about at the highest then is embraced or rejected by the individual humans within the organisation.

Leadership isn't about managing widgets and reading the record , it's about personal growth, your growth. Great leadership and empowerment begin together with your open mind and heart. First you've got to get your unique power and use it then you've got to get your employees' unique power too.

What's the Take Away?

Take a glance at your culture - do your fish heads stink? Are you affected by too many M&Ms (managers and meetings)? Are you treating people as Human Resources instead of just Humans?

What experiences of cultures, the good, bad and ugly have you ever had? have you ever seen any culture change programs attempt to fail? If so what contributed to the failure? I'd like to know - share your thoughts within the comments section below.