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Human Power Versus Forced Power - It's Time To Switch

Expert Author Alexandria Joy

Power. what's it? How can we use it? Who is seeking it? Why can we have a love/hate relationship with it?

"Power is simply the power to effect change." Luther King

"Powerlessness is that the most dangerous state that we could ever

experience." Brene Brown

Dictionary - what say you about power?

Power is that the capacity or ability to direct or influence the behaviour of others or the course of events ie: a political process that gives people power over their own lives.

Power are often seen as an individual or organization that's strong or influential within a specific context ie: he was an influence within the university.

Power may be a physical strength and force exerted by something or someone ie: the facility of the storm.

Power is energy that's produced by mechanical, electrical, or other means and wont to operate a tool ie: generating power from waste.

So power has many meanings and may combat many forms.

Used incorrectly and power can cause violence, isolation, shame, self-harm, blame.

But as MLK reminded us, power is simply the power to effect change.

Somehow we've come to the assumption that power is finite which if we share it then we somehow have less of it ourselves. But that's just not the case. that's not your unique power. Your unique power is infinite.

Forced power on the opposite hand is zero sum. Using forced power over someone or something eventually reaches a verge of collapse . some extent where cracks occur.

We are seeing these cracks appearing politically, socially and economically today in our times . Those with forced power are exerting their last grasp for control over and domination of. We are witnessing desperate, fearful people struggling to stay a hold of their power and fighting to take care of the old ways of living and being.

Eventually which will break too.

It's time to flick the switch.

Time to modify to a replacement way of leading. to modify from forced power to human power, to a world supported the human qualities of partnership, collaboration and shared power.

What the planet needs now are a replacement breed of leaders, expander leaders with expansive ways of thinking, being and doing. we'd like leaders, with and without title from business, community, politics, sport, religion and culture both in developed and developing countries, to engage, listen and work together.

When a pacesetter uses their position to force power over others by definition they disempower others from living and owning their own unique power. It stops them from sharing their perspective, their stories and their views also as their emotional, cognitive and spiritual experience. When power is forced we contract, become contained and shrink. Time and time again throughout history there has been no clear evidence that forced power is effective or lasting.

We as leaders in our families, companies and communities have a task to play in flicking the switch, exchanging forced power for human power. it is time for us to possess braver conversations, to start to illuminate and challenge our own unconscious biases privileges and beliefs and start to maneuver to an area of expansion and humanity.

When human power is shared it grows and expands to limitless possibilities. once we begin seeing ourselves together race - the humanity - where each and each individual has the chance to completely allow, evolve and step into our unique personal power and are available from an area of affection , not fear only then will the planet begin to tilt.