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Dumb 'Brules' in Business That Make Everyone Bananas

I get it. Companies need to have some rules, but 'brules', that's what leaders need to question.

Coined by Vishen Lakhiani, founding father of Mindvalley and author of The Code of the Extraordinary Mind, brules, otherwise mentioned as 'bullshit rules,' could also be a term for limiting rules, largely unconscious, insidious limiting rules that an organization or culture is holding that not serves the greater good.

Often they're rules someone invented within the past that not apply to this situation or were created as lazy attempts at creating order or during a knee jerk response to the folly of 1 difficult employee who did something stupid.

I know what you're thinking. it's vital to supply structure to employees and to be able to maintain standards. What I even have found working with dozens of companies however is that in nearly every case, upon closer inspection, establishing a replacement rule would be seen as management coming down hard and is potentially a narrow sighted, morale-killing because of address alittle problem. The overwhelming majority of the time, the matter must be handled one-on-one by the employee's manager, promptly and efficiently.

Why get an entire workforce offside because one manager avoids conflict and doesn't skills to manage performance and have a difficult conversation. It just makes stupid a neighborhood of the whole system. What i'd recommend instead is that leaders are given tools, coaching or training to support them in learning the thanks to address such issues during a timely and efficient manner.

So what kinds of Brules am I talking about? There are numerous but here's three of the common ones I encounter the most:

1. Limiting internet use.

We live within the web age. People should be able to attach with their online lives during breaks. once you're taking stupid measures to limit people's internet activity, it does quite demoralize and treat them like children, it can also limit their ability to undertake to to their jobs. just just in case you hadn't noticed it's rare to travel to a library to undertake to to research nowadays, we all appear the hay online. Checking the LinkedIn or Facebook profile of someone you simply interviewed as an example could also be a completely legit because of be using social media. With trust as a foundation during a culture allowing internet access could also be a non event.

2. Shutting down uniqueness and self-expression

Many organizations control what people can have at their desks and what they wear. Yep I worked at one of these and it almost killed me (no feather boas and tiaras allowed!)

A semi naked sexy calendar? On a worksite in strappy stilettos? Yep, i buy it; they appear to be a no go. But employers who dictate what percentage personal photographs people can display, whether or not they're going to use a bottle , have a plant or put up their kids drawings at their desk is just ludicrous. (Hint these are people not AI robots). Again it comes right right down to culture, to leaders having the power to affect issues competently and confidentially and treating employees like trusted adults. Simple.

3. Crazy hoop jumping for attendance, leave, and time off .

You pay your people for the work they're doing , and thus the worth they produce right? Seems not, many workplaces today still believe they pay people for the precise number of hours they sit shackled to their desk. which i assumed slavery was abolished! When companies are unnecessarily strict in requiring documentation for bereavement and medical leave, it erodes trust and leaves a nasty taste in employee's mouths. True there are instances where employees have faked a sickie to need every day off, but if you're hired those kinds of people what does it say about your hiring and screening process or the extent of engagement you have? Not the sort of culture you'd wish to make . during a culture with trust and transparency people actually invite every day off once they have it, some workplaces even allow mental state days, it can work.

What's the Take Away?

Take a look at your policies and rules - are any of them erring on the side of Brules? are you ready to remove or alter people that are unnecessary or demoralizing? you will find you keep the only people and increase the productivity and positivity at work.